Jelly Presents: Eva Cremers

Our recent signing talks burnouts, business degrees and the power of online tutorials...

Monday 27 January 2020

At the end of 2019 Jelly were fortunate enough to sign 3D character genius Eva Cremers to our Futures scheme. We loved her continuously and consistently fun style, her playful, graphic CGI, that combines with her unique design sensibility to create all her completely charming characters. Although more illustration-led, like most artists these days she’s experimenting with animation and how it can breathe even more life into her characters.

She has been featured in numerous publications, from It’s Nice That to The Design Kids and completed internships at shops such as SNASK and ManvsMachine. Pretty impressive from someone who originally studied International Business at university and has completely self-taught CGI skills.

Although having always been very creative, Eva tells us that she never really considered doing something creative as a profession. With her background it was much more normal to study Law, or something with business or medical science than to go for something ‘artsy’.

But right before Eva started studying International Business she was diagnosed with a burn-out at the age of 18, something not many people are aware of. Determined to not let this affect her, Eva went to university to explore life as a student and live on her own. “It wasn’t a very successful approach,” she tells us “I slept through most of my days and I had to quit my studies after 1.5 years.”

She then spent half a year doing what most people do before their 20s – question what it is they want to do with their lives. She couldn’t imagine herself as a consultant or in some administrative role, which is when the lightbulb moment struck, “maybe I should do something creative?!” Having absolutely no clue what her Graphic Design course would entail, she applied for the Art Academy and got in. And we’re so glad she did.

In Eva’s final year of Graphic Design, all students had to do an internship somewhere, which to Eva was the perfect moment to see what her potential was. In true Eva style, she thought there was no point in settling for a local mediocre internship, she wanted to see if she could get into a badass design company. So she decided to go big and apply for her dream design studio: Snask. She did her research and read that competition for internships was fierce, so she had to come up with something to stand out. She also read that once they get a new client, they send a video with them partying and throwing confetti, to show to client how happy they are. As Snask’s tone of voice is unique, and the bosses have long hair and look like famous rockstars, Eva knew a cute letter wasn’t going to make the cut.

So what did Eva do? She sent them a massive super neon pink box (their brand colour), filled with all kinds of pink party goods: from a piñata to an inflatable guitar and pink flash lights amongst other stuff. Also in the box was a letter saying: “Congratulations, I’m your new intern! I’m looking forward to seeing your video showing me how happy you are”. Unsurprisingly, she got the internship. She worked at Snask for 5 months and in her words said, “I learned so much and I got a big confident boost out of the whole experience. I learned that being brave and taking risks TOTALLY pays off!” We couldn’t agree more.

“I learned a lot and what might be the most valuable thing of all: I also learned what I didn’t wanted to do.”

After leaving Snask and graduating Eva, was once again faced with the age old question: what do I want to do with my life? She didn’t have to think on this too long as she soon received an email from Man vs Machine asking her to do an internship with them. “I was very happy but confused at the same time” Eva recounts “they are a sick 3D company and I had zero 3D experience.” Her role was to be more art-direction based but she was told that ‘it would come in handy if you have some basic 3D skills’. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Eva subsequently spent about 3 months solidly watching tutorials, “pressing weird buttons, trying to learn as much as I could for so many hours each day.” Eva didn’t want to feel stupid working with these heroes and to not know what they were talking about. Little did she know this was the start of her own freelance career. She now works 100% in 3D but says her graphic design background still really helps her.

Proving how invaluable internships can be, during her time at Man vs Machine Eva says she learned a lot and what might be the most valuable thing of all: she also learned what she didn’t want to do. Although being a very sociable person who loves to have people around her, Eva learned early on that she wanted to go freelance to be in control over what she would create.

She also learned she never wants to live in London again, ” I guess I had bad luck, but boy, sleeping on 4 wooden cabinets in different heights with a mattress on top isn’t the best thing ever!” Eva – we can only apologise for the ridiculous rent prices in London!

Inspired by old Disney and Harvey comics, kids toys and generally anything positive and fun, Eva tells us, “in an era of everyone sharing and shouting their (sometimes negative) opinions on social media, I really love to make work that is just fun to look at and brightens your day, without a (hidden) meaning.” This has led her to work with some impressive clients already, from Bloomberg to The New York Times, and we think she’s only just getting started.

“My work is playful, fun and bold! Nothing serious to see here baby!”

Like many artists, Eva has a list of brands she would love to work with, such as Nike (kids), MTV and more fun kids-oriented brands like Disney. She has just recently ticked the Apple box and claims to only just be returning home from cloud nine. But for Eva it’s more about the brief and the project and what kind of people you work with: “There is something exciting about the ‘not knowing’. One day you might think it’s going to be a quiet month, next day you get an email with a super fun project. I love the unpredictability!”

Eva’s off to the USA for a few months this year for a road trip (lucky thing). She was at first hesitant as to how she would be able to combine travel and work, as she doesn’t want to take a step back from her fast growing career, “it might sometimes be very challenging and it will definitely be a test on how disciplined I am, but I’m positive this could be a perfect match!”

Despite this, she has set her sights high for 2020. “Work-wise I really would love to give a talk at a design event/festival! In terms of projects, obviously I want to work with big fun brands, but I’m going to let it be a surprise. Another goal is to get a more healthy work rhythm, trying to be flexible but not working every day and night! In personal life my goal for 2020 would be to spend more time with friends and family and try to stay happy and healthy! Man I really need to start working out…”

She’s already got some exciting projects coming up this year, which she can’t give too much information for now but let’s just say late summer you might be able to wear one of Eva’s creations… watch this space.

We’re honoured and excited to have Eva join the Jelly team and can’t wait to see where her fun-fuelled work will take her!