We're now officially employee owned!

We're putting people and culture first with our transition to employee ownership.

Thursday 7 December 2023

The new structure ensures both the long-term growth and independence of TBM Group, as well as protecting our collaborative, inclusive culture by placing ownership in the hands of a Trust on behalf of all of our employees.

Chris Page has been our owner for 30 years and his ambition has always been to show that it’s possible to run a business that is both ethical and profitable. As he begins to step back, he will remain within the business as a cultural ambassador.

"After 30 years of being the owner of TBM Group I had reached the stage in my career where I needed to look at the next steps for me, and at the same time a way of facilitating an evolution for us as a group that meant we could continue our cultural growth in the best way. After weighing up the various options, it became more and more obvious that an EOT was the natural step that was best, not only for myself and the management group, but for the entire team. We have established such a strong ethos and culture over the last few years and the EOT ensures that this is now permanently in place for everyone here. I'm really proud of Charlie and Nicki and the rest of the staff globally, and I can’t wait to work alongside them as they take the business to the next level. We have a common goal in working in a socially responsible and inclusive way and I'm happy to help as we become a BCorp, while continuing to provide our clients with the unique blend of bespoke services that has made us so successful to date. In fact, I'm more excited to work now than I've ever been!"

Chris Page

Already on the journey to becoming B Corp certified and helping to future-proof the creative industries through our partnerships with schools and charities, the decision to become an EOT, we hope, further demonstrates our commitment to equity and inclusion. Now fully employee owned, TBM Group will also be managed by women, with Charlie Sells and Nicki Field taking the group forward as Joint Managing Directors.

"Transitioning to employee ownership is a reflection of how tenaciously we uphold our values. We want to leave the industry a better place for the next generation and are willing to be the ones that challenge the status quo in order to create real tangible change. This decision is a commitment to collective responsibility, quality, and innovation, further weaving our values into the fabric of our business. Our journey now reflects the true spirit of collaboration; making our workplace not just a place to work, but a community to belong to, grow with, input into and thrive within."

Charlie Sells

We believe this decision will continue to protect and nurture a culture that puts employees, artists and the next generation at its heart, and in turn strengthens the collective effort and desire to build a fair and just future together.

"Our vision has always been to continually elevate our calibre of work and talent, to be industry-leading, getting stronger and better at what we do along the way. We’ve done a lot of work in the last few years to really know ourselves as a business, our culture and what we have to offer. We’ve always been community minded, ambitious about the careers of the talent we represent, as well as passionate about uplifting those entering the creative industry. It feels natural to now have an internal business model that at its heart is about acknowledging teamwork - and one where everyone we employ can affect and share in its success."

Nicki Field