Coca-Cola ‘Empathy Gap’ campaign

Can, packaging and animation designs.

Wieden + Kennedy launched a multi-disciplinary campaign for Coca-Cola that enlisted a team of creative collaborators, to encourage people to listen and have empathy for one another.

Alva created the illustrations for the can designs and packaging for the pan-European Empathy Gap campaign as well as the animated sequence at the end of the live action ad – animated by KITCHEN to show a fist bump transitioning into the Coca-Cola wave.

“We believe the key to bringing people together is empathy. Empathy means understanding how someone else feels. Listening to what they have to say. Taking a walk in their shoes and this campaign aims to do that by inspiring us all to take a step back and consider someone else’s point of view. We believe by being open and listening to each other, we can create change, and we are committed to doing the same. Being more open ourselves. Listening more to others. Acting differently. We know we need to change, and we are beginning to do just that.” Walter Susini, Senior Vice President of Marketing EMEA.