Coors Light March Madness Advent Calendar

A twist on a festival classic for the hotly anticipated sporting event

Estudio Pum crafted a twist on the classic festive advent calendar for March Madness, one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year. Working with Coors Light and Mischief, Estudio Pum designed a "Countdown to Chill" calendar to get college basketball fans through the bracket-busting qualifying rounds, with a limited quantity was available for purchase at Coors Light but quickly sold out!

Using their impactful visual style, Pum created a dynamic design to pull you into the action and celebrate the community aspect of the game. With playful uses of scale and the signature Coors Light colours, the calendar is a visual feast hinting at the 21 chill items within the box, one for each day of the tournament, including a prayer candle for a boost of luck and a soothing cup of tea to calm the pre-match nerves