Cuidem Barcelona

2D animation to keep cities clean.

Niceshit teamed up with Folch, a Barcelona-based communication agency, to create and direct three animated films, to promote the new waste service in the city.

Niceshit devised a new visual language reminiscent of illustration books, with colourful energetic brush strokes, and compositing real actors into the illustrated world. A visual language that works perfectly for a city campaign as a way to make people aware and excited to do their part to keep their city clean.

After planning each shoot with some sketches and the first illustration Niceshit shot the actors in a green screen and then imported the footage into their 3D scenes to have a reference of where to place the illustrated elements, animating the backgrounds in 2D on top of the real camera movements.

“We loved to create a hand-drawn style that works perfectly for a commercial scope, such as this city cleaning and awareness campaign.” - Niceshit