Nike By You

A retrofuturistic twist to Nike's footprint in Mumbai.

Boomranng collaborated with Nike for their new personalisation service ‘Nike By You’, creating 20 illustrations to be featured in-store and on apparel inspired by their home-city of Mumbai. A ‘dream project’ for the duo, they wanted to combine the geography of the city they know so well with their ‘retrofuturist’ style representing the melting pot of cultures, tastes and aesthetics.

“To us, retrofuturism is a way of escape; it is a way of juxtaposing our traditions and values and hopes from the past with the aspirational nature of the future.”

The illustrations depict Mumbai as an alternate future, rooted in its rich, extravagant cultural history and fuelled by technology. Depicting an optimistic worldview, Boomranng portray scenes of life with an unexpected twist, all keeping the iconic Nike design front & centre, from energetic dance-offs to bustling train journeys and a circus of animatronic animals.

“Our patterns come from the rich textile history of Mumbai, our characters are personifications of the undefeatable and unputdownable spirit of Mumbai, and our colours are loud and vibrant.”