Printed Pages: Gilbert and George

Alice Tye paints Gilbert and George for It's Nice That

Alice Tye was asked to paint representations of Gilbert and George, their outfits and everything in between for It’s Nice That’s bi-annual magazine Printed Pages.

When commissioned for a project like this, Alice “always starts by collecting as many photographs of the subject as possible which could be relevant to the brief,” she says. “Then I work from there, gathering lots of references for different elements such as backgrounds, furniture, food, clothing etc.”

With this varied reference material saved on her desktop, Alice started her roughs, a stage for her where she creates “a number of different digital collages from the reference images I collect,” she says. Then, “I play with layout, cropping, colour changes so I can give the client a number of options to choose from. Once the final composition for each illustration is selected, I paint directly from the collage.”