WeTransfer’s interface

By creatives for creatives.

WeTransfer, the company with a set of tools for the creative process, teamed up with Alva to create custom spot illustrations and default Pro wallpapers — highlighting key moments throughout the product’s interface.

The Brief
WeTransfer is a visual brand, built by creatives and for creatives who infuse joy and thoughtful design into every element of the product experience.

WeTransfer wanted to create spot illustrations to accompany users in every step of their journey, celebrating the small moments for an even better user experience for their creative community of users.

The Process
Alva Skog worked with animation studio KITCHEN on deciding how these spot illustrations would move, its subtle creative decisions infusing the spots with humour and charm.

The Result
A set of six spots featuring characters and scenarios, bearing Alva’s distinctive cartoonish style with inflated proportions and vibrant block colours, to enliven each stage of the interface, from uploading or downloading a file to being asked for a password, or discovering a broken link.

These are envisioned in micro-narratives that see success conveyed as crossing the finishing line of a race or dropping a mic; discovering an unexpected problem as drinking gone-off milk, and a Gandalf-like wizard standing for password protection.

“The spot illustrations are small in size but I wanted to make sure they had a big impact. I wanted the characters in the spots to have a direction, movement and purpose or be a playful spin on the captions, ‘link expired’ or ‘password protection’.” – Alva Skog

Alva also created wallpaper designs for the Pro users, who are offered more customisation options including a range of background wallpapers by artists such as Alva.

For the wallpaper designs I played with scale and perspective and wanted to reflect feelings I’ve had (and many other people too I imagine) during lockdown. For example, the constant cycle of watching TV and scrolling social media for hours or dreaming about lying in a meadow and watching the clouds pass by.” – Alva Skog

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