YouTube India

Celebrating 15 years of Youtube India

Boomranng collaborated with Youtube India to celebrate their 15th anniversary, crafting a campaign identity comprising of key visuals applied across the Youtube platform and live events. The overall theme of the brief was to celebrate Indian heritage, creativity and ingenuity in Boomranng's signature colourful and extravagant style.

With elements and motifs derived from the world of Youtube India's creators, Boomranng crafted every illustration to be a unique asset that could be used throughout the campaign. Creating the toolkit required Boomranng to consider the application of imagery across multiple formats, and ways to ensure that when even scaled down to single icons, the artwork continues to communicate the core messaging and celebrate the diverse world of the Youtube India community.

Alongside online artwork, Boomrang's main key visual was used as an animated backdrop at the Youtube Fanfest India event.