Alex Tait & KITCHEN bring the magic to travelling home for Christmas with CLEAR

KITCHEN and Alex Tait bring Christmas magic to holiday travel, working directly with CLEAR for their campaign illustrating how stress-free travel can be with CLEAR Plus. Follow the tales of Claire, Eric & Kate as they navigate the travel rush this holiday season, allowing them to make it home to 'unwrap the moments that matter'.

With charming character designs and illustrations from Alex Tait, and visual storytelling brought to life in a playful animation style, KITCHEN and Alex were able to bottle the feelings associated with travel around the holidays, and how togetherness is really the greatest gift of all.

“We wanted to create a story that would introduce the audience to the CLEAR process whilst keeping it fun and interesting. We had to strike a balance between playful and functional, to ensure the brand's benefits were explained clearly, and found a good middle ground, with the charm of Alex’s illustrations helping to deliver the emotional, heartfelt messaging.” - KITCHEN