International Women’s Day

Championing Women-Owned Businesses with UPS

Celebrating women-owned businesses this ‘International Women’s Day’, UPS & Martin Agency collaborated on an animated ad, led by Jelly & KITCHEN’s Rachinta as animation director. Rachinta worked alongside illustrators Marian, Cheng & Danii with the all-female crew over six weeks to create the film.

“We worked with UPS and The Martin Agency on a great project for International Women’s Day; three fantastic illustrators from different parts of the world, each with their own distinct style. It would’ve been a challenge to tie the styles together, but we had an amazing team of talented womxn. It was an honour to work with them all, and produce a great film to celebrate womxn everywhere.”

- Rachinta

With the tagline ‘Proudly Unstoppable‘ the ad celebrates the impact of womxn and how UPS are supporting their businesses. Womxn-owned ventures represent a less than 30% of small businesses in the US, so to have the support of a global brand is invaluable to their success.