MTV 'Dinosaur'

An 'explosive' ident for MTV created during the first lockdown.

Created in June 2020, Dan devised this ident for MTV with an open brief around the theme of ‘sad’.

Made during the height of the first lockdown, the process was a unique one for Dan as we were all adjusting to the ‘new normal’. He began investing a lot of time in his garden and was heavily influenced by this new hobby in his early stages of concept development, playing with the theme of ‘lazy’.

The first couple of ideas he developed weren’t quite right stylistically as he wanted to make something that gave off more ‘retro’ MTV vibes. One day while comfort watching old movies, he stumbled upon a scene from Jurassic Park which sparked the dinosaur concept that became the final ident!

“This was truly a dream project. I've wanted to work with MTV my whole creative life. (I even wrote my undergraduate dissertation about them) so I was beyond thrilled with this collaboration.” - Dan