Two Dots

A series of interactive, illustrated maps for mobile puzzle game Two Dots.

A project almost two years in the making, Two Dots is a labour of love for our masterful retro-style illustrator Dan Woodger.

Dan created a series of interactive maps for limited edition levels of the mobile puzzle game, where the objective is to find the hidden items within each layout, comprised of five distinct areas with their own themes. Every character or object on the map was individually designed, drawn, animated on its own layer, resulting in an average of 3000 layers per map! This immense level of intricate work means players can click on any part of the screen and be met with delightful animations.

"As a lover of world building, creating this hyper detailed and expansive map was thrilling"

- Dan Woodger

Creating a style that incorporates the brand's existing aesthetic, while staying very much true to his own style, his maps straddle the Two Dots world and Dan's well-established character-driven illustration style to create a 21st century 'Where's Wally?' !

Inspired by 90's cartoons and with the perspective of finding joy and humour in the world, Dan approached this concept wanting to challenge himself with new subject matter and level of detail.

The third map released within the game 'Glittering Galaxy' had over 450 thousand players shortly after release, introducing Dan's quintessential illustration style to many new fans!