Em Cooper Wins at The Kinsale Sharks

We're celebrating 'I'm Only Sleeping' winning Best Animation at The Kinsale Shark Awards!

Tuesday 2 May 2023

We are over the moon that 'I'm Only Sleeping' has won 'Best Animation' in the Music Video category at the Kinsale Shark Awards! Huge congratulations to Em and the whole team as well as all the other winners and nominees.

The film was created for the special edition release of The Beatles album Revolver and is comprised of over 1,300 individually painted frames.

This project held special meaning for Em as she is a lifelong Beatles fan who recalls listening to the song with her parents as a child, creating an emotional bond that is evident in the care and attention to detail in every brushstroke. Em's aim when creating the film was to emphasise the languid state between consciousness and sleep that is crafted in the melody of the song, check out the video below for a behind the scenes look at the project.

See more of Em's work here.