Meet the Team: Lucas Ajemian

Lucas chats to us about his journey through the animation industry, his current artistic ventures and some of his favorite local spots. Enjoy!

Monday 10 July 2023
By Lucas Ajemian

What do you do at Jelly?
I’m the Sr. Producer at Jelly NY. I focus on our animation projects, developing creative, I manage budgets and timelines, track progress and act as liaison between client and artist to deliver some of the amazing work we do.

What’s your journey to Jelly been like? Any experiences that have shaped you or taught you along the way?
I’ve had the privilege to work with a few of the best design and animation studios in the business. Some larger than others, but I’ve learned to take nothing for granted, no matter the profile of the client or the number of zeros on the budget, nurturing creative with integrity and treating clients and artists well is the guiding principle.

What role does production play in creating effective content that connects with audiences?
The obvious need for scheduling, tracking and owning all of the operational concerns aside; A long time ago when I transitioned from being a designer/animator, I did so having recognized a need for keeping a level of sanctity in the creative process. In my work, I want to keep artists as well as our clients engaged and enthusiastic, because animation can sometimes feel very arduous to those unfamiliar with the process. Keeping it going can require a translator or referee to the intentions of both client and creatives alike.

You’re also an artist. What are you working on at the moment? How does being a creator inform your work as a producer and vice versa?
Because I tend to avoid a signature “visual style” across lots of media; painting, film/video and performance, my art practice could be considered more “conceptual”. In the past much of my artwork has been somewhat collaborative, relying on input and participation of others. Dialogue and thinking through problems is something that carries through both my work as a producer and artist. As is the importance of staying open to change and always respecting the process.

Tell us the best thing about being part of the Jelly team!
Everyone in the team is so nice! Highly creative and empathic to the needs of both clients and artists alike.

What’s your favorite Tribeca/local spot?
My background is in fine art which plays a central role in my life, so I love all the galleries on our block – I can pop out for a 30 minute stroll and take in some confounding and beautiful work at 52 Walker, Artists Space or Bortolami and be back at my desk in time for my next call.

What about for lunch / a cocktail?
My favorite lunch spot is Canal St. Market food court which has some fantastic Asian street food. Bell Reve is great for an afterwork drink, it’s a staple of the neighborhood and the industry. I often run into colleagues there.

What does craft mean to you?
Craft is essential to communication whether we look at super clean, seamless construction or something appears thrown together, it is always at its best when it is intentional and in the service of an idea or story

If you could fix one thing about the industry, what would it be and why?
I try to associate myself to makers, studios and clients of integrity and conduct myself as such. I don’t think in broader terms than that really: try to be the closest to what you want to see in the industry, I guess.

Your top 3 favorite Podcasts/Books/Films?
I’ve always loved the film Network. I like to read a lot of non-fiction and some poetry – don’t really have favorites.

What’s the best advice you were ever given? Who was it from?
Just to try to be present in all that you do - probably from my dad

And what advice would you give to aspiring producers?
“Trust but verify” - lol

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
Hanging out with loved ones. Going to museums. Enjoying good food and music.

Lucas Ajemian

Senior Producer, New York