Meet Your Makers: Laura Thomas

Our recently Grammy-winning Global Head of Production, Laura, joins LBB to discuss the intricacies of production: From her design and photography experience and how it enhances her work as a producer, to the ever-evolving challenges of managing a project.

Friday 19 January 2024
By Laura Thomas

As well as advice for aspiring producers, Laura weighs in on what she thinks are the ingredients for a successful production, the key to a successful production-client relationship, balancing work-life, and a hairy moment on set involving puppets and the police.

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"I think once you know the basics of how to run a job, you can apply this to all mediums. But you also need to have the right social skills as well and be thick skinned enough to be the person in the middle, continuously aiming to keep both parties happy at all costs – the directors and the clients."

Laura on the bandwidth of producers

Laura Thomas

Global Head of Production