We won a Grammy!

Director Em Cooper and Producers Sue Loughlin, Laura Thomas, Jonathan Clyde & Sophie Hinton won in the ‘Best Music Video’ category at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards last night for The Beatles 'I'm Only Sleeping'.

Monday 5 February 2024

[Above image] Creator: Alberto E. Rodriguez | Credit: Getty Images for The Recording AcademyCopyright: 2024 The Recording Academy.

The Beatles won the category against "In Your Love" Tyler Childers, "What Was I Made For" Billie Eilish, "Count Me Out" Kendrick Lamar, "Rush" Troye Sivan.

Em Cooper worked with Universal Music and Apple Corps to direct the music video for 'I'm Only Sleeping' as part of the special edition release of Revolver.

Over 1,300 individual oil paintings were combined to create the animation, which flows dreamlike through the song exploring the space between consciousness and sleep. Em was eager to undertake the challenge of the video as she related to the meaning in the lyrics, as she frequently uses her skills to evoke thought or convey inner experiences.

In 2018, Em Cooper was nominated for an Emmy Award for her animated film 'Deej' under the 'Outstanding Art Direction and Graphic Design' category.

"It was a project that I felt an immediate spark for right from the word go, and somehow that momentum carried me right through to the end,” Em Cooper said of the video. “I love The Beatles. We used to listen to this song on tape in the car when I was a child, and the song itself evokes such a mesmerising, languid, dreamy state, in a way my job was only to follow its lead with a paintbrush in my hand."

Em Cooper