4-H Volunteering

A heartwarming piece highlighting the power of youth supporting their communities.

4-H is a 3D animated story from ROOF which follows four children in the volunteering program. From their early days working in a community garden and building a treehouse, to their crucial initiative and implementation of a community centre project, their journey is one of friendship, growth, and collective impact.

ROOF imbued the story with the spirit of community and friendship, using their masterful application of 3D world building to craft a rich film that enhances the central message ‛Making A Difference Is Something You Never Outgrow.’

“In our film, nature is pivotal. The garden, the treehouse, and the landscapes are integral story elements. Our passion for details and strategic use of sunlight infuse realism into every scene. This focused approach crafts an immersive world, where sunlight not only enhances realism but also warmly illuminates the children's journey, adding depth and symbolizing hope and unity.”

Experts at crafting narratives, ROOF approached the film in a series of sequences, telling the story through phases of the character’s lives as a timelapse showing them growing older, growing apart and eventually come back together. ROOF’s unparalleled attention to detail can be seen in every inch, creating realistic and immersive scenes from the sunlight hitting the trees, to the textures on fabrics.

The same attention to detail can be seen in the character design as the kids grow older ,with ROOF conveying the evolving central friendships and spirit of community that permeates through the film and leaves a lasting heart-warming impression.

"The narrative required intense attention to detail in our renders, particularly with vegetation, to immerse the audience fully in the children's world. Each environment, from the blooming garden to the leafy treehouse, played a crucial storytelling role."