A Year of Good News

Beautifully hand-crafted positive news stories.

A Year of Good News is a book of positive stories that Martin collected over the pandemic and turned them to tactile illustrations made from secondhand clothes and discarded textiles.

Every week Martin picked a “good news” story from around the world and illustrated it as an uplifting image that he crafted from used fabrics. These images were combined together and published into a book which was followed by a 2022 version.

The stories include an 11-year old boy who walked from Palermo to London to hug his grandmother, a father who bought multiple flight tickets so he could be with his flight-attendant daughter on Christmas, and a professional cyclist who used his bike to deliver food and supplies to people in his Italian hometown.

"At the beginning of the pandemic, I had to figure out some sort of distraction that inspired me. From week to week, I found one piece of good news from around the world and made a picture of it.“