Finding the sensuality in nature

Wei finds sensuality in nature with Glimpse and Purpose Disruptors, crafting illustrations for their 'Ecokarmasutra' book, a unique read which encourages more young people to connect with nature on every level. Born from the concept of ecosexuality, the Ecokarmasutra is a sex-positive and colourful exploration of nature which aims to showcase how everyday interactions with the natural world become moments of deep connection.

Using her dream-like romantic illustration style, Wei approached the brief crafting ten original illustrations for the book each depicting a different sensuous interaction with nature from feeling sun rays on your skin to caressing foliage, you're only limited by how much you're willing to experience.

"I was so honoured to create illustrations for the EcoKamaSutra, it was a fun and enjoyable process. When I heard the idea of “treating nature as your lover”, I was deeply touched and used visual metaphors to represent the deeper intimacy between human and nature in the series. This kind of love is flowing, breathing and touchable, and we can really feel it everywhere in our lives, and how to capture this subtle emotion became especially important. In the images, I expressed this love between human and nature through bright and colourful palettes, such as vivid green, passionate red, warm yellow, and so on. You can feel the smell of the wet soil after rain, the sound of fresh dew dripping, and the wind blowing through the air. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this creative journey, as a young person who has lived in the city for a long time, it allowed me to rethink my relationship with nature."

More information on how to get a copy of the Ecokarmasutra is available at the Agency for Nature website.