Curaviva 'Rosemarie's Life'

An emotional story told in stunning 3D.

'Rosemarie’s Life' is a touching 3D-animated short about a woman's life as a WWII survivor. From the pain of being separated from her family as a child to her joyful reunion years later, Rosemarie’s profound experiences become a source of inspiration for her caretaker — and a reminder that a career in long-term health care is an opportunity to help others and become part of their story.

ROOF storyboarded and created detailed picture-book scenes held together by fluid camera movements and clever transitions. This piece is a perfect example of ROOF's storytelling sensibilities and outstanding attention to detail. It was also a technical challenge for the team with 22 environments, 50 characters, and an infinite amount of assets to produce. What you see is the end result of a meticulously planned and orchestrated project with an amazing team of talent.

“The camera flies from one shot to another through really cool wipes, making the viewing experience feel seamless and effortless, immersing you into Rosemarie’s journey. Packing her rich life story into a 2:30-minute film was quite the undertaking. We hope you notice all the little movements — from the character animation to the clothing — don’t forget to look closely at the mother-in-law. So awesome!” - ROOF