Juni 'Learning'

ROOF were approached by Juni Learning to create their first ad spot. They were immediately drawn to the character and type design elements of the brief, which they love experimenting with. Juni is an online learning experience that prepares kids aged 7-18 for the real world by teaching them the skills needed to succeed in the industries and career paths of the future.

ROOF combined 3D animation, motion graphics, and live-action to help highlight Juni's award-winning platform.

"We wanted to use Bold typefaces that are easy to read. And each word's meaning would be amplified by the animation concept. In typical Roof form, the 3D has a lot of details that merits repeat viewing. Although I decided to use solid colors for an easy and fast read, the result can almost be perceived as a purely graphic execution but all the texture details and the light are balancing and enriching the scene." - ROOF