'Sorry I Didn't Quite Catch That'

Honouring 'International Stammering Awareness Day'.

Lettering artist Biff worked with agency VMLY&R to collaborate on out-of-home assets for the film 'Sorry I Didn't Quite Catch That' for the charity STAMMA in support of 'International Stammering Awareness Day'.

Director LIAKH's satirical film follows the surreal customer service experience of ‘Debbie’ who is trying to return a coffin. It draws attention to the everyday difficulties that people with dysfluent speech have dealing with customer service, and encourages not jumping in and letting those with a stammer finish their sentences.

As someone who grew up with a stammer, Biff took a playful and relateable approach to the campaign.

Biff uses his signature bold & characterful type and illustrations on STAMMA's OOH posters. Using a vibrant palette, Biff overlays the interrupting words over the speech to mimic being interrupted with unrelated assumptions. Biff's dynamic lines & fun mouth doodles perfectly capture the absurd ways people with stutters and stammers are misheard and misunderstood.