Berghaus ‘Escape’

An oil painted journey into the great outdoors.

Working with VCCP, Emmy-nominated director Em Cooper & Jelly’s production team created this stunning oil painted rotoscope animation for the outdoor-wear brand.

Em made use of her unique hand painted ‘live action animation’ style to take us on a journey away from the hubbub of city life, reminding us that sometimes we all need to take a moment to get out.

“I was actually on a walk in Cornwall when the detail of how I would make it came into my mind. I wanted every transformation to feel natural and effortless — the transitions working like silent slippages of paint with the brushstrokes loosening just a touch and then reforming quietly into the next moment. It is painstaking and labour-intensive work: I hand paint every single frame individually, but the results are magical, and I think viewers can sense the time and effort that has gone into it.”
“It is rooted in the point-of-view perspective which characterises my work, and gives a sense of the fleetingness of inner experience, weaving the real and the imaginary together into an impression of a subjective whole.”

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