BombPop Extremes

An explosive campaign for extreme flavour combinations!

Exploding onto screens in delicious style, director duo KITCHEN, and illustrators Estudio Pum and Boomranng worked with agency GALE to craft a series of vibrant mixed media spots for BombPops Extreme.

Advertising the fun new range of 'extreme' flavour combinations, with colourful design each spot shows how the BombPop transforms from the intense first taste to end on a sweet note.

Boomranng brought their vibrant illustration style to the 'fire cherry' flavour depicting the transformation from spicy dancing cherry to a waterfall of smooth sweetness. Boomranng's signature design full of attitude and character adds lively colour to the mixed media film.

Estudio Pum's playful design style creates tasty worlds to escape to in the other two spots for the flavours 'super sour strawberry' and 'blue raspberry freeze'. Crafting the two designs with their love for vibrant storytelling, Pum transports us right into the centre of each flavour profile.

Bringing the live action and illustration elements together seamlessly, KITCHEN animated each spot, bringing to life the journey through the flavours in their classic dynamic style. KITCHEN worked with both Boomranng and Estudio Pum to bring their unique interpretations of the BombPop flavours to life while pairing the animation with the live action footage to craft a cohesive brand story.