The Mean Tomato

Pizza Branding with Attitude

Dan Woodger was approached by lettering artist & art director Alec Tear and agency Kuba and Friends to revitalise the branding for delivery service Gopuff, creating the character of The Mean Tomato. A master at characterful designs, Dan created attitude-filled illustrations to reflect the ethos of the brand & to be used across physical packaging and promotional materials.

The character of The Mean Tomato was designed to stand out from the overcrowded take-out pizza category and help the brand avoid the typical ‘cheesy’ mascot pitfalls. The Mean Tomato remains recognisable by leaning into classic New York pizzeria tropes with the colours and patterns but diverges from that with its cheeky persona imbued in every one of Dan’s illustrations.

Combining his illustrations with bespoke typography by Alec and lifestyle photography from Davide Luciano, The Mean Tomato is a masterclass in creating simple yet effective branding that creates a tongue-in-cheek dialogue with the consumer