Eva Cremers


Eva Cremers is a 3D illustrator from The Netherlands whose style is continuously and consistently fun. Her playful, graphic CGI style combines with her unique design sensibility to create characters with charm.


Mini Rooftop

A vibrant rooftop design for Mini.

Eva x Smiley

Four characters created for the iconic brand 'Smiley'

Baskin Robbins Christmas Campaign

Eva Cremers helps multi-national ice cream and cake chain Baskin Robbins launch their huge Christmas campaign in Korea


Unusual Parents, Usual Parenting

An animated TVC with Wieden+Kennedy Portland for Fisher Price

eos: Describing the Indescribable…

The (almost) indescribable feeling of awesome at work.

Harbour City ‘Christmas Club’

Turning CGI characters into fibreglass sculptures.

Redoxon ‘Immune Support’

Immunity... but not from everything.